About Me

I was born and raised near Washington, D.C. After spending some time in the French Alps, I completed medical school and residency in New York City.Though my undergraduate studies were in English, with a focus on writing fiction and movie scripts, I transitioned rapidly into science. I enjoyed my work in genetic labs.

About my practice

My desire to pursue medicine grew over time. I was an emergency medical technician (EMT) and an active member in my region's Mountain Rescue Group, and felt honored to play a role in people's care. However, I wanted to know more, and to have a stronger relationship with the people in need of assistance. I selected neurosurgery as my medical specialty because of the amazing potential to improve the quality of peoples' lives. I conducted research with neurologic stem cell transplants, as well as stem cell induction for brain repair following stroke. Though there remains much that we do not know about the brain, there are significant opportunities to help people with neurologic problems through very challenging, and sometimes scary, periods of their life. After seven years of residency training, I completed a fellowship where I learned the latest techniques available for the treatment of diseases of the brain's blood vessels. This training lead me to come to Hawaii to practice, as no other doctor in the state has this background and I was eager to practice my skills in a community where I could make a positive contribution. I feel very fortunate to practice neurosurgery in Hawaii with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG). The quality of care here rivals the hospitals I have worked in New York City. The doctors, nurses, and all the staff contribute to providing exceptional patient care. HPMG offers a rare combination: genuinely sincere people and excellence in maintaining and restoring health. My philosophy of care is to strive to restore and maintain a person's quality of life. Neurosurgical problems can be unexpected and very challenging. I believe that open communication between myself, my patient and their family can help us achieve our common goals.

How I thrive

I try to get in the ocean every day, either surfing or swimming. I also enjoy running around Diamond Head. Sometimes I have to run around twice, because I also enjoy baking.