About Me

I was born in India, but strangely enough I don't speak Hindi, but I can speak Nepali! I came to the United States along with my family when I was three,, and grew up in sunny Southern California.  After high school, I did some soul searching at a community college for what I wanted to do with my life, and I ended up going down the path of medicine in order to help others and utilize my education for that pursuit.  I transferred to California State University Fullerton (Titan Forever!) and applied to osteopathic medical schools; I was accepted at and joined Touro University California. I knew I wanted to go into primary care, and this pursuit landed me in Connecticut for three years, where I completed my family medicine training and served as a co-chief of my program in my final year. I then returned to California when I joined Kaiser Permanente.


Hello, thanks for checking out my Web page! My name is Dr. Chetan K. Gairola, but “Dr. G” is fine with me. I hope to share some information with you about myself so that if you are a new patient or considering switching doctors, you can get a better idea of my approach to patient care.

About my practice

When it comes to health, I believe in exercise as therapy. I prescribe this on a daily basis to many of my patients, both genders, and all ages.  Beyond health benefits, it helps emotional health and controls stress. Personally, I enjoy weight and resistance training, but overall, I recommend doing whatever exercise makes you happy.  Exercise plays a role in heart health, obesity, stroke prevention, diabetes control, pain control, and so much more!  Beyond this, I try to foster a relationship with my patients and try to convey that we are a team and that we will work together to care for your health. I enjoy working with teenagers up to the elderly, and I do my best to explain everything.

How I thrive

I try to balance myself.  As mentioned above, I do exercise (if I preach it, I should practice it), so I try to hit the gym 4-5 times a week after work. I don’t cook much, but my wife is wonderful at cooking and trying new healthy recipes. Every now and then, I do enjoy a few more simple pleasures such as gaming, watching a movie, or sketching.  Health is both physical and mental, so I use this as a guide both for my patients as well as myself.