About Me

I am a rare and true Colorado native, so living in Colorado was an easy choice for me. I like the healthy and active culture Colorado provides. I'm the first physician in my family – I broke the mold of engineers and lawyers. I wanted a satisfying career that incorporated my love of science and also helping others, so medicine seemed a great fit. One of my most rewarding accomplishments while with Kaiser Permanente has been participating on the Wellness Committee.

About my practice

I like to say I chose the field of anesthesiology, but in reality it chose me! It was a perfect fit for my detail-oriented personality, and provides tremendous diversity of patients, areas of medicine or procedures, and the great privilege to take care of people for such important things as surgery or pain control. I will always do my best to cover all the bases for my patients to ensure a safe and successful anesthetic. I also seem to have the gift of gab with my patients, and I sometimes have to check myself to keep to our schedule! I really enjoy talking with you and making you feel comfortable before your surgery or procedure. I provide anesthesia care for all types of surgeries, and I also have a passion for advances in the field. I appreciate the collegiality that our multispecialty group demonstrates as it is in the best interest of our patients’ care and outcomes. My practice is limited to adults and non-complex pediatrics greater than 2 years old. I am not a part of our heart team.

How I thrive

I'm a very active person and can be seen usually on a tennis court or a bike, but I also love fishing, photography, music, traveling and cooking. I've been on several medical mission trips and think this is such an important and rewarding way to volunteer for those in need, and also to sharpen my skills and passion for my career back here at home.