About Me

I was born and raised in Colorado. Despite leaving for college and medical school, I will always be a Colorado girl. As a NICU baby at Saint Joseph Hospital, obstetrics and gynecology may have been my calling long before I ever realized it. The specialty of OB-GYN is so diverse and exciting, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with my husband, who is an avid photographer, both professionally and recreationally.

About my practice

Being an OB-GYN generalist gives me the opportunity to connect with women for routine visits through all stages of life, care for patients throughout pregnancy and when they’re in labor, and help cure women with a variety of medical issues in the operating room. I pride myself on listening to a woman's concerns related to her health and formulating a plan that will address her unique needs. I appreciate the team approach and technology we have at Kaiser Permanente, which help us to provide excellent patient care.

How I thrive

I thrive on work/life balance. My ability to care for and help women at work is directly related to how I am able to treat myself outside of work. I find that taking the time to get away from everyday stressors, whether that is an hour spent exercising or a weekend away, does wonders for your mind and body. My husband and I take the time to do this every chance we get! We love to travel and explore new places. We appreciate Colorado’s wilderness and the time we spend hiking with our rescue dog in the summer and skiing the Rocky Mountains in the winter.