About Me

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente. I have been working for Kaiser for 5 years. I am sure that you will enjoy being a patient at Kaiser Permanente as we have your health as our first priority. Your results are easy to access online and I am diligent about reviewing them in a timely manner.


I am from Colorado but grew up in the Redlands/Yucaipa Area love the view of the mountains from the window in my office as it reminds me of the mountains in Colorado. I try to stay active by participating in many outdoor physical activities.

About my practice

I see patients older than 5 years. I have enjoyed being part of the care team for families for many years. My nurses also are diligent about returning phone calls and emails.

How I thrive

I believe in eating health and buy fresh fruits and veggies and prepare meals at home for the most part. I also do P90 X for abdominal and core strengthening and Yoga for back stretching.