About Me

I am originally from Burma (Myanmar). I have always wanted to practice the best medicine on my patients and decided to move to United States. After my residency in Brooklyn, New York, I moved to Portland with my wife because of its natural beauty and friendly people.

About my practice

I treat every patient as unique and pay individual attention. I like to know their condition as much as I can so that I can recommend the best possible course of action. I like to listen to my patient's symptoms and ask more questions to understand their condition better. I ask my patients to participate in decision making about their health, and encourage them to ask questions. I see myself as a consultant in this regard, giving my honest opinion to the best of my ability and recommending a management plan I believe is appropriate for their condition. I love our electronic medical record and I am very glad to be part of Kaiser Permanente. I truly believe we are trying to improve health outcomes of our patients by keeping them healthy.

How I thrive

I enjoy practicing medicine and like my job. It makes it easier for me to thrive. I also make sure I have a good life with my family and I spend as much time as I can with my wife and son. We usually enjoy indoor and outdoor activities together as a family. When we travel, I will bring my camera to take as many pictures as I can as I enjoy photography.