About Me

Welcome to my Web page. Thanks for taking some time to learn more about my practice.


I’m originally from Los Angeles, but always hoped to return to San Diego after attending UC San Diego for college. I went to medical school in Los Angeles, and then opted to visit the East Coast for four years for my residency training in Boston. I remain thankful and excited to be back in Southern California.

About my practice

I practice emergency medicine because I especially enjoy the challenge of taking care of sick, critically ill members, and look forward to both the variety and complexity of conditions each member brings to the Emergency Department. But I also find it incredibly rewarding to help members through difficult times. I take pride in teaching and mentoring our emergency medicine residents.

How I thrive

I try to lap swim every day to stay fit. I enjoy surfing San Diego's beaches and fishing. I spend most of my time outside of the hospital, enjoying life with my wife and chasing after my two young and very active boys.