About Me

Born in North Carolina, I received degrees in engineering, public health, and medicine in my home state. I trained in psychiatry and neurobehavioral medicine at the University of Virginia and had advanced training in addiction at Yale University and international training in trauma through Harvard University.

About my practice

As a board-certified psychiatrist, I value evidence-based practice and embrace comprehensive approaches to care. My philosophy of practice is one of transparency, and I consider education to be a cornerstone of quality care. Two-way communication is very important, and I work to ensure health literacy among members and their support systems, which strengthens our alliance and fosters positive health outcomes.

How I thrive

I enjoy making connections—both cognitive and emotional—and I am a strong proponent of lifelong education and learning something new every day. I like spending time with friends and family, and keeping my body and brain healthy through clean eating and physical activity. I embrace laughter wherever it may lie dormant. I take time to breathe without haste and remain present. I love to travel, and when I do, I take every opportunity to embrace local culture—learning the history and exploring new places. I enjoy writing and love listening to music, maintaining a strong interest in global music and filmmaking.