About Me

Born and raised in a beautiful tropical city in India called Mangalore, the Pacific Northwest was a natural choice for me due to both it's beauty and the rain. I received my internal medicine training at Texas Tech University, and my pulmonary critical care and sleep medicine fellowship at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). After graduating in 2008 from OHSU, I came to work at Kaiser Permanente. I live with my husband and our two lovely daughters.

About my practice

I entered to medical school when I was 17 years old and since then I've loved the aspect of patient care. I practice both out-patient and in-patient medicine and the fun part of my job is always to interact with my patients. I am a firm believer in the Kaiser Permanente philosophy of a health care delivery system where prevention and end-to-end care is provided with excellent quality at affordable cost. I'm also proud to be able to partner with many excellent colleagues in our institution. I also work as a Sleep Medicine Medical Director, constantly improving quality of care we deliver to sleep apnea patients.

How I thrive

I like to do as many activities with my family which includes running, biking and Bikram yoga, which keeps me healthy both physically and mentally. I also like to travel, read books, teach local school students the importance of sleep, and do philanthropic work in India.