About Me

Greetings and thank you for visiting my Web page. People feel more at ease when they know their physicians better, so on this page I’m including information about my treatment philosophy and me personally. Please feel free to ask me more questions when we meet.


As you will hear from my accent, I was born and raised in Germany. My father was Hungarian and my mother German. I had American teachers in high school and always wanted to live in the United States because of the friendliness of the people here and the better weather! I sometimes felt depressed as an adolescent (maybe because of months of gray skies in the winter), and it started my interest in psychology and psychiatry. Understanding emotional issues and helping people recover from psychiatric disorders have been major interests of mine ever since. I have a nice network of family and friends in Los Angeles. I miss the charming architecture of other cities, but I have not found a better place to live than here. I enjoy going to museums, and my favorite is the Getty Villa. I also love going on nature hikes. I wish I had more time for reading! Last but not least, I really enjoy my work.

About my practice

When a person comes to a psychiatrist, typically he or she has already spent a lot of time trying to figure things out alone or getting help from friends or others. I do my best to be open-minded and nonjudgmental in trying to understand what a patient’s key issues are. Because each patient’s situation is individual, an individualized plan of recovery must be made. Some people need counseling, some need medication to treat a chemical imbalance, and some need a combination of treatments. I strive to make our meetings as helpful and comfortable as possible. I know it requires great trust to talk about one’s innermost thoughts and feelings, and that is why all visits are private and confidential.

How I thrive

I try to have balance among work, physical exercise, my hobbies, and my relationships with family and friends. As almost everyone I talk to acknowledges, the perfect balance is hard to achieve. But we can approximate it. I try to go into nature at least once a week. I also try to do things to stimulate my mind outside of work on a regular basis, such as seeing an interesting movie or reading. I work out in a gym regularly or at least go for a walk if I miss going to the gym. As far as food is concerned, I mostly eat healthy food, but I sometimes splurge on something less healthy (it’s all about balance and moderation!).