About Me

My wife and I consider ourselves Oregonians but have ties to Venezuela, Idaho and Utah. We are a busy couple with five children who are all still at home. She doesn't have additional work outside our home, but usually puts in more hours than I do. We enjoy spending our extra time watching the kids perform in sports and music events. The beach is another favorite activity and we go as often as time permits. As with most families, we take our vacation time seriously and love to travel as a family.

About my practice

I trained to be a family physician in rural Idaho. This involved everything from running a small emergency room on the weekends to doing high risk and surgical obstetrics during the week. Part of my desire to become a family physician was the variety of services that I was able to perform. Knowing about the mother's health helps me take care of her infant child. Understanding the parents' medical problems is vital to being able to provide for the children's future needs. I'm also fluent in Spanish as are my children and my wife. I've loved being part of the Latino culture and taking care of this population will continue to be a priority in my practice.

How I thrive

I believe that life is much more than work followed by short interval vacations. My wife and I are deeply involved in our community church and volunteer our time weekly. We both believe that it is not enough to have a physically healthy body, but your spirit should be just as whole. We accomplish this by balancing secular activities with a healthy dose of spiritual study and religious observance. Music is an important part of our lives as well and all the kids play some musical instruments proficiently; mine is the guitar and cello. All of the kids have inherited their mother's beautiful singing voice too. Our family's philosophy is summed up in one of my favorite quotes, "no other success can compensate for failure in the home." David McKay.