About Me

Thank you for viewing my Web page. I am glad to have this opportunity to share some personal and professional information about myself with you.


My father had urgent surgery on my 12th birthday. I remember being very frightened at that time. My father’s doctor not only successfully treated him but also gently guided my family in his recovery process. I realized what a positive and lasting impact a good, caring physician could have. That experience inspired me to become a doctor.

About my practice

Good communication between a doctor and a patient is essential to maintaining and improving a patient’s health. I work as an educator and a coach, helping my patients understand the process of disease and also the vital role lifestyle has in minimizing it. Together as a team, my patients and I apply prudent medical management and healthy living to alter the course of disease and to maintain good health.

How I thrive

I work hard to live the healthy lifestyle that I advocate, although like everyone else, it is challenging to find enough time. I try to eat a healthy diet. Sweets are something I really enjoy, but I try to have those in moderation. For exercise, I enjoy bicycling, jogging, swimming, and hitting tennis balls with my husband and two children. Whenever I can, I socialize with my friends.