About Me

I was born and raised right here in Atlanta. I am honored to be one of many physicians who love family medicine. I knew as a young child I was going to be a physician. I decided to leave my southern roots for a short while and pursued my medical training in Ohio. After residency, I practiced at a community center, which was a rewarding opportunity to care for people regardless of their ability to pay. I desired to be close to my family and wonderful friends so I moved back to Georgia. It is now a great privilege to be practicing medicine here at home!

About my practice

The true origin of the word doctor means "to teach." My goal is to establish a bond with our members that is based on teaching and learning. As a team, members and I work together to improve our members' health care outcomes.

How I thrive

The mind and body are one. Balance in life is important for everyone. I enjoy learning about new opportunities to relax and reduce stress. Sometimes the simple things like having a cup of java in a local coffee house, taking a short vacation or going on a shopping spree in the mall helps me relax. I also have an interest in yoga and meditation, and I love dancing and the arts.I believe it is important to laugh and have fun every day. One of my patients told me once that her appointments with me never felt like she was coming to the doctor because we laughed and enjoyed our visits. However, as a physician, I sometimes have to deliver bad news. I have found if you look hard enough, you can find something good, even when it seems impossible.