About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I hope you find it informative. I enjoy medicine and surgery because, while it is scientific and technology-driven, it is ultimately a social science. I like to help people, and medicine lets me do that every day.


I grew up in India, England, and the United States. By the age of 21, I had spent one-third of my life on 3 different continents. I spent junior high and high school in California but went to the East Coast for college, medical school, residency, and fellowship. I am a neurosurgeon, board certified by the American Board of Surgeons, and I have subspecialty training in reconstructive and minimally invasive spine surgery.

About my practice

My practice is very diverse, and I perform many types of surgery. I enjoy careful microsurgery and the delicate handling of tissues to give members the quickest possible recovery. I perform a variety of surgeries for brain tumors, hydrocephalus, brain injury and trauma, cerebral aneurysms, pituitary tumors, and congenital abnormalities. Within spine surgery, I perform a variety of minimally invasive surgeries. When I believe a member is a good candidate, I enjoy putting the latest techniques and technologies to use. I fully embrace new technologies and have introduced techniques for guided minimally invasive surgery. I bring medicine based on current evidence and research into my practice to deliver good outcomes for members. Kaiser Permanente has allowed me to work on process improvement for our care delivery system. I have been working as a regional chief of neurosurgery to improve delivery of neurosurgery services. Most recently, as an elected member of the board, I'm doing my part to make our health care delivery system a more convenient, high tech, high quality, and innovative system.

How I thrive

When I am not treating members, I enjoy travel and learning about other cultures. I like to run, bike, or hike as often as I can. I have a passion for improving systems and how they work. Leading change in health care by example helps me live well.