About Me

Hello. I’d like to welcome you to my Web page. This will hopefully give you some insight into who I am as a Kaiser Permanente physician. I’ve been part of the Kaiser Permanente family since the beginning of my training in internal medicine in 2003. After completing my residency, I stayed on one extra year as chief resident for the internal medicine residency program in Los Angeles before finally settling down in Orange County.


I grew up in Westminster, California, the son of two hard-working parents whom emigrated from Mexico as teenagers. They instilled in me many qualities, such as empathy, passion, commitment, and camaraderie. These ideals helped shape me into the doctor I am today. I quickly learned that helping those in need brought me great pleasure, which formed the foundation for me to strive for excellence, and to become a doctor.

About my practice

As part of my job, I’m involved in admitting members to the hospital, following their progress, and then discharging them to their homes to finish their recovery. I strive to treat every member as if they were one of my own family members by giving them the care and attention they deserve. I believe your health decisions should ultimately made by you, but only after you’ve heard all the options from well-educated doctors.

How I thrive

Being the head of a young family, I take the idea of thriving seriously. Focusing on health is something that must be done on a daily basis. I try to eat foods that are high in nutrition yet low in fat. Working out four times a week by doing both cardiovascular exercise and weightlifting helps me stay fit, even when I indulge myself in great-tasting but not entirely healthy meals. I’m a big sports fan—I love to play football, soccer, and basketball. Go Lakers!