About Me

I was born in Boston and raised in Lexington, Massachusetts and Rochester, New York. I first came to Hawaii to do my internship at Queens Medical Center and returned after finishing my radiology residency in Boston. My father was a professor of medicine and biochemistry, first at Harvard and then at the University of Rochester. My mother taught children with learning disabilities. We traveled extensively and lived in London for a year when my father did a research sabbatical. As I was growing up, my parents taught me to always be kind and to never stop learning.

About my practice

I grew up around medicine because my father was a doctor and taught medical students for many years. In college I took a semester off and traveled around southern Africa, which also convinced me of the value of medical training. I went into radiology because I found it amazing. I love being a radiologist and providing assistance to other doctors and patients. I have served as chief of Diagnostic Imaging for the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG) since 2000. At HPMG, I like practicing as a coordinated team and being empowered to change the system to improve care if someone has an idea about how to do things better. I enjoy the collegial nature of working together with all the staff and other doctors. In my practice, I try to treat all my patients as I would want my family treated. I like explaining sometimes complicated diagnostic imaging results to patients and answering their questions.

How I thrive

I enjoy doing procedures and having them go well for patients. For exercise, I like running and paddling. I look forward to spending time with family and friends and enjoy sailing, skiing, mountain climbing, rafting, and camping.