About Me

I am originally from Connecticut. I have lived in Colorado since 2004. I have two children and five grandchildren. I have been in healthcare for most of my adult life, and spent nearly 20 years in emergency nursing. I received my bachelors degree from Metropolitan State College in Denver and master in nursing from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

About my practice

I decided to practice in family medicine because I felt that is where I could help the most people. I work with a great collaborative team that always strives to provide the most competent, affordable care to all plan members. I will always tell you the truth and will do my best to provide you with the most appropriate care. I offer my patients convenience and can answer their questions by email, phone, video visit or Chat with a Doc. My goal is to provide the most appropriate care for my patients, so they aren’t spending extra time or money to get the care they deserve.

How I thrive

In my spare time, I like to read fiction books and medical journals, garden, and spend time with the grandchildren.