About Me

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I came to Hawaii specifically to work with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group and to live where my family and I could feel at home in the sun and water.

About my practice

My fascination with the many miraculous physiologic functions of the human body led to my decision to study medicine. The human form is the most amazing structure in the natural world. I wanted to know what makes it grow and be healthy.My work brings me into contact with many cancer patients. Because cancer is in many ways a disease that stays hidden, I try to shine light and understanding on the disease process. To stay current on the latest practices in my field I read constantly so that I can help my patients make informed decisions. When patients understand their options, their anxiety becomes lower and the healing process can occur more naturally. The role of doctor as teacher is very important for helping patients on their path of healing.

How I thrive

I enjoy everything about the water. There is no boundary at the shoreline for me that can't be crossed by a sailboat, paddleboard, or surfboard. I also make surfboards. This is an art project for me.