About Me

Hi, and welcome to my Web page. I’m happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you about my work as a physician at Kaiser Permanente.


I’m from the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. I have a growing family that includes two young children. I enjoy outdoor activities and sports. I grew up with an active lifestyle, and my involvement in high school and college sports led me to pursue a career in orthopedic surgery—as I’m particularly interested in helping people maintain physical function and recover from injury. During my medical school training in Philadelphia and my residency training at USC, I decided to pursue a career in spine surgery because I discovered I’m especially passionate about helping people with spine-related issues. As a child, Kaiser Permanente took care of my family. Now I’m able to do the same for other families.

About my practice

I’m a fellowship-trained spine surgeon and have been at the Bellflower Medical Center since 2011. I feel fortunate to be able to work at Kaiser Permanente, helping to provide high-quality health care to members with spine issues. Practicing medicine is a unique opportunity to listen and respond to what members need while using my training and knowledge to help them understand and address what concerns them. I feel very honored that members have entrusted me with their care, and I strive to treat them as I would my own family.

How I thrive

I like to spend time with my family getting active—sports, hiking, playing at the park, going to the beach, and even doing yard work together, helps me stay fit and healthy without feeling like I’m exercising.