About Me

Hi, and welcome to my Web page! I'm happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you and tell you about my work as a family medicine physician. I am very grateful to be able to deliver top quality healthcare here at Kaiser Permanente because I am surrounded by inspiring colleagues and we are able to care for the best health-seeking members!


I was born in Northern California but grew up in New Jersey and Florida. Realizing I missed the West Coast, I returned to Northern California for medical school at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed my residency in Southern California to be closer to my grandmother and relatives. I fell in love with the Southern California lifestyle and culture, joining Kaiser Permanente in 2013. Why did I become a doctor? As a kid I would dress up in my father's white coat and stethoscope, pretending to take blood pressures. It amazed me how one individual, a doctor, could make such a positive impact in so many people's lives. It was then I decided I would become a doctor and be a partner in people's health.

About my practice

My practice is here for you. Together with my nurse and the Kaiser Permanente team we will strive to provide you the best possible care during your visit. Family medicine provides the unique opportunity of caring for individuals from adolescence to adults during all times of life. My goal is to make your quality of life the best it can possibly be, and through prevention and healthy living, we can achieve this goal together.

How I thrive

Staying well is vital to a healthy life. I try to keep active by running, doing yoga, strengthening with kettle bells, and walking. In my free time I like to try making gourmet meals, do scrapbooking, watch movies, dance, and try new local food places. I highly appreciate any local food recommendations! I also enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures with my family. I love to relax to world music, specifically flamenco, guitar, and lounge. Keeping a balanced lifestyle for both body and mind affords me the capability of delivering the best healthcare possible to each member I am fortunate to meet.