About Me

Welcome to the after-hours adult medical service. I feel fortunate to work at Kaiser Permanente because of my wonderful colleagues and our members. I look forward to helping you with your health care.


I attended medical school after being inspired by my physician brother to become a doctor. I taught high school biology prior to studying medicine. I have volunteered for the last 15 years with the League, Caring for Children and travel to Calexico, California, throughout the year to participate in the International Children's Program. I am also a supporter of AIDS Project Los Angeles.

About my practice

Our team at the urgent care clinic is available to care for you on weekends, holidays, and after hours when you are unable to see your personal physician. I encourage you to be proactive in your health care and exercise daily.

How I thrive

I wholeheartedly believe in Kaiser Permanente's philosophy of health in mind, body, and spirit. Attention to all three aspects keeps me healthy and ready to take care of members. I try to live by these values in my daily life and instill them in my husband and two daughters. Daily exercise, walking and bicycling with the family or our pet dog, attending school functions, the opera, and visiting art museums are all activities I enjoy. Planning healthy menus that include fish, chicken, fiber, and plenty of fruits and vegetables keep us healthy. Annual flu vaccines and avoiding smoking are also important. Reading, of course, is a great pleasure.