About Me

I am a second generation Kaiser Permanente physician. My father practiced for thirty-two years and I have reached thirty, giving our family a combined sixty-two years of service. I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family and find entering the Granchildren phase extremely rewarding.

About my practice

I believe in medicine based on evidence and the need to base diagnostic and treatment decisions on medical studies wherever possible. I also respect the importance of shared decision making for my patients. I may make a strong recommendation but my patient has to make his or her own choice about diagnostic studies and treatment.

How I thrive

I have played accordion for over fifty years and have played shows at Lake Tahoe, with traveling circuses and at local restaurants. I wrote an original accordion song that can be heard in the Sony Pictures documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune". I have studied clarinet for almost as long and play in the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra. My wife and I wrote a physiology lab book used in classrooms around the world.