About Me

“Small town with a big heart.” That’s the motto from my hometown of Francesville, Indiana (population 879). Growing up, I cherished my relationship with my family physician, and respected his contributions to the community. I realized from a young age that no other career could be as fulfilling as one in family medicine. I’m so excited to share my passion for comprehensive primary health care in Colorado!

About my practice

I hold the relationship between myself and my patients sacred, and truly believe that a strong physician-patient relationship is vital to providing the best possible care for my patients. I strive to practice evidence-based health care, and to never forget that all health care should be delivered with a smile. As a family physician, I enjoy caring for people in all aspects of life–newborns, teenagers, women’s health, geriatrics, etc. I provide long-acting contraception including IUDs, and birth control subdermal implants like the Nexplanon. I also perform basic joint injections, skin procedures and toenail removals. You can count on me to provide evidence-based, cost-appropriate primary care for you and your whole family.

How I thrive

My fiancée brought me to her home state of Colorado to be closer to family. Our two dogs, Lilly and Luna, have both discovered snow (we were previously in Phoenix, Arizona) and the joys of the outdoors. I also love music. You can hear me playing the theme song for the American Family Physician Podcast, which you can download for free on iTunes to hear about the most up-to-date topics in family medicine.