About Me

I am very thankful to have been able to return back home to the Pacific Northwest for my training in Diagnostic Radiology and to start my career here with Kaiser Permanente Northwest. I finished medical school in Philadelphia at Thomas Jefferson University and completed my internship at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan before coming back to Portland, Oregon. I have completed a Fellowship in body imaging and neuroradiology and am excited to put the skills I have learned to work taking care of the Kaiser Permanente community.

About my practice

I work as a Diagnostic Radiologist at Kaiser Permanente Northwest. I look forward to provider great care to our members.

How I thrive

Although life can seem overly complicated at times, there are really only three basic elements that I need in mine in order to thrive. In no particular order, they are: work, quality time with loved ones, and exercise. I know I need to engage in meaningful work to feel grounded and that I have to spend at least a little bit of quality time with the people I love to remind me of who I am. Running is my exercise of choice and I am constantly surprised by how much more effective it is than coffee or power naps to help me reboot my day. Whenever I am able to carve out the hour I need to devote to it, I try to do no less than four times a week.