About Me

I am originally from Indiana and although I am relatively new to Portland, Oregon I have found it an easy place to call home. I grew up in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and obtained a liberal arts education at nearby Wabash College where I majored in Biology. I decided to attend medical school at Indiana University to pursue a career in medicine because it offered a chance to utilize my interest in science while directly helping others. While there, I fell in love with Orthopaedic Surgery. More than any other field I had encountered, I witnessed injured and disabled patients regain function and I valued the opportunity to provide support as patients moved from initial consultation to post-op recovery. I completed orthopaedic residency training at Ohio State University and then pursued additional training in hip and knee replacement surgery at Stanford University.

About my practice

I specialize in hip and knee replacement surgery and general orthopaedic injuries. I take seriously the importance of counseling patients and helping them to understand both the benefits of potential treatments, whether conservative or surgical, as well as the associated risks. Hip and knee replacements are two of the most reliable and cost effective interventions in medical history, and on an individual level, the results can be life changing. Patients who have had to give up activities they enjoy and suffer daily pain can often return to active lifestyles. I take patient care personally and try very hard to prevent complications when possible.

How I thrive

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, camping, ice hockey, reading, cooking and spending time with my family. I love traveling every chance I get. I'm a technology geek and a news junkie. I am always interested in meeting new people and learning about my new hometown.