About Me

I am a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician who specializes in non-operative and interventional spine care. My practice involves treating acute and chronic neck and back pain, scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, and herniated discs. I perform electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG/NCS) and spinal injections. I am a member of the North American Spine Society and the American Academy of PM&R.

About my practice

I favor a collaborative approach to decision-making with my patients, rather than telling them what to do. As with much of medicine, especially spine care, less is often more. Injections and surgery are useful tools that I believe should be used thoughtfully, and so I generally take a conservative approach that emphasizes a person's total health. I enjoy empowering patients to ultimately take care of themselves and reach their functional goals.

How I thrive

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and friends. I enjoy a good book, TV show, movie (usually a comedy), board games, and occasionally video games. I love music of almost any kind, but mostly lots of pop and rock from the mid-20th century and a few modern bands. I play a little guitar, too. Mindfulness, meditation and exercise are my preferred ways to unwind and recharge. We hike with our adorable mutt, Ruby, whenever we get a chance. We love Denver and Colorado for the same reasons as most everybody else—sunny weather, lots of outdoor activities, great restaurants, a strong arts community, and a population of great folks.