About Me

I was born in Columbia, S.C., and I graduated with my undergraduate degree from Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. I have been practicing as a physician assistant since 1996. I worked in a community health center before relocating to Atlanta, and I have worked in breast health since 2007. I am also certified in breast ultrasonography. I love practicing as a physician assistant, and I feel that I am a natural caretaker. I enjoy building a relationship with our members and strive to make them feel very comfortable with communicating their health concerns.

About my practice

I started working with Kaiser Permanente in March 2012. I am very excited and impressed with our breast care center and the commitment, approach and enthusiasm the staff exhibits. I am a team player and appreciate working in this environment. I am motivated each day to be an active part of Kaiser Permanente and its mission, which fits the very reason I became a health care provider. I take pride in having the opportunity to educate our members about their health. I strive to make sure that each member has a pleasant experience at their visit. One thing you can guarantee at each visit with me is that I will give you a big smile!

How I thrive

I love interacting with different kinds of people; hearing about their lives, their concerns and making them feel comfortable with their care and treatment for their medical conditions. I am an active person, and I try to perform the same healthy practices that I advise for our members.