About Me

I grew up in Atlanta, and my elementary school and medical school are both in the West End. My decision to become a doctor was made in the fifth grade after my first health class. The way the body works completely fascinated me. This fascination, coupled with my desire to serve the community, made the decision to become a doctor very easy.

About my practice

I am a board certified internist. Training in internal medicine has taught me how the body works and is like being a detective. Asking patients about their symptoms is like finding clues to figure out what and why things are happening to their bodies. I am interested in the total health of the patient: body, mind and spirit. All three are important to truly consider one healthy. It is very important to me that our members achieve total health. Forming relationships with our members and working one on one with them to achieve total health is essential.

How I thrive

For my total health, I attend church regularly, volunteer and get regular exercise. On the weekend, I love hiking. My husband and I also enjoy traveling, especially weekend trips. My other interests include cooking, sports, movies and cars.