About Me

Hello and welcome to my Web page. I am a neonatologist, which means I care primarily for infants who require medical attention soon after their birth.


Prior to coming to Kaiser Permanente in Orange County, I had spent time in academic and private practice. However, I really feel that I have found my home here as a Kaiser Permanente doctor. Additionally, my family and I feel welcome as Kaiser Permanente members. We are also glad that working here provides me with the ability to balance my time at work and time spent at home.

About my practice

Taking care of the sickest and most vulnerable infants brings out the best in my colleagues and me. I truly appreciate what parents endure when their newborns truly in need of critical care, and after the birth of my own preterm daughter, I believe I understand even more of what they go through. I am truly inspired every day when I see families pull together in support of their child.

How I thrive

I try to live a life with humility and balance. I believe that the most effective method of learning is by seeing, doing, and then teaching. This is a motto that I live and work by every day.