About Me

I am board-certified internist with an interest in in-patient care. I began working for Kaiser in 1992 and moved to Panorama City in 2002 with the opening of the Observation Treatment Unit.


I was born and raised on the East Coast, in New York and New Jersey. I went to college at the University of Michigan, and medical school at NYU. I did my residency training in Baltimore, but was saved from the snow by my husband, who persuaded me to join him in sunny California. We have a 10-year-old daughter.

About my practice

I am a hospitalist, only taking care of inpatients. I work in various settings in the hospital, including the Observation Treatment Unit (OTU). The OTU is a unit for patients who are not ready to go home, but have conditions that we expect will resolve within 24 hours. By treating patients in the OTU, we can frequently avoid hospitalization, and patients can return home to their families sooner. I also care for inpatients during my weeks of inpatient hospital rounding, admit patients to the hospital from the emergency room and clinic, and do medical consultation on hospitalized patients on other services (such as surgery).

How I thrive

I stay well by exercising my mind and body. I love to read and listen to music. I took up the violin in 2006 and practice often. I recently got my black belt in karate, and train regularly at my local dojo.