About Me

Hello, and thank you for visiting my Web page! I look forward to working together with you to take care of your health.


I grew up in Kentucky until I was twelve years old, which explains my love (or some may say irrational exuberance) for Kentucky Wildcats basketball. I spent the remainder of my upbringing locally in Riverside until I went to undergrad at UC Irvine, where I pursued journalism and writing along with the sciences required for medical school. I wrote for the OC Register and the Times of India before attending medical school at American University of the Caribbean in St. Martin.

About my practice

My practice is open to patients over the age of eighteen. I am a major proponent of preventive, integrative and functional medicine. I highly encourage my patients to work with me towards lifestyle changes geared to healthy eating, being physically active, engaging in complementary healing and taking control of their health. It can be a challenge, but with effort and dedication, anything is possible and I encourage patient's to develop skills that go beyond a visit to my office. I also strongly encourage patients to pursue non-medication-based methods of controlling pain. I enjoy my patients, and am fascinated to hear their stories. This personal interaction is key to helping me understand my patients, and provide better care.

How I thrive

I love to stay physically active, and I encourage all my patients to do the same. My hobbies include cross-training, exploring the outdoors, being creative and spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy writing, reading, and creating music. I have a special interest in music production and sound design in cross-genre electronic music. I have recently incorporated meditation into my daily routine.