About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page! I hope that you'll find the following information useful and interesting.


I grew up in Southern California, and I am spoiled by its diversity, environment, and climate. I never want to leave. I completed my training in diagnostic radiology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where I enjoyed six incredible years. Joining Kaiser Permanente has been something I envisioned from the start of my medical training.

About my practice

I believe that my primary role as a diagnostic radiologist is to accurately interpret images to help clinicians make important decisions about the way we care for our patients. To accomplish this, I feel that it is vital to create strong relationships with my colleagues in all departments. I endeavor to always provide friendly, effective, and quality service.

How I thrive

People who overcome challenges every day and excel in whatever they do are a tremendous inspiration to me. I'm constantly searching for these sources of inspiration and perspective. I am also passionate about being sound of mind, body, and spirit. My family is extremely valuable in helping me stay balanced.