About Me

I was born and raised in Richfield, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. My mom and dad were very supportive of me and my three brothers in all our endeavors and activities, including my medical training. Part of my residency, done in North Carolina, was a one-month assignment at Kaiser Permanente Hawaii. Following this I was fortunate to be offered a regular position with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG), and I have been with Kaiser Permanente ever since.

About my practice

As I progressed through my undergraduate studies, medicine emerged as the career that would be the most interesting, fullfilling, and challenging for me. Despite the long hours required by emergency medicine—day and night, weekends and holidays—I chose this specialty because it is so very gratifying to be able to help patients in their times of great need. I am board certified in emergency medicine, and I serve as the chief of the Kaiser Hawaii Emergency Department. Other programs that I am involved with on behalf of Kaiser Permanente Hawaii include our 24/7 percutaneous coronary intervention program (PCI) where we care for the acute heart attack patient, the Hawaii chapter of the American Heart Association, Hawaii's Emergency Medical System, and the InterRegional Emergency Medicine Leaders, which is a national Kaiser Permanente group that works on our electronic medical record and emergency department efficiency. I am also an assistant clinical professor at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine. Recently I lectured on the implementation of the electronic medical record system in Madison, Wisconsin. Traveling to various destinations to attend emergency medicine conferences and to hear about treatments used in emergency situations helps me to keep up with the latest developments in my field. One aspect of practicing with HPMG that I particularly appreciate is having access to experts in various specialty areas. This collaboration allows us to do the best for our patients, and it makes working with the Kaiser Permanente team extremely satisfying. It is my belief that active patient participation in care, coupled with utilization of the resources of the emergency department, is the most effective approach to successful treatment.

How I thrive

Although emergency work can be very demanding, I have a wonderful wife and two awesome girls who keep me healthy. We travel as a family, enjoying international places as well as local getaways. I also have a terrific group of friends with whom I enjoy golfing, hiking, and water and beach activities.