About Me

I have been in practice as a gynecologist for Kaiser Permanente in Panorama City for over 25 years. Kaiser Permanente is my professional life. I believe in the principals on which our organization's system of care was founded for working individuals and their families.


I am a physician who likes to travel and meet people of various cultures. My hobbies are reading, walking, hiking, recreational light bicycling, and swimming. I am originally from upstate New York, have lived in and visited many parts of the world, and have exchanged a rural lifestyle for big city life in Los Angeles.

About my practice

I am getting older and have stopped taking overnight calls. I have delivered many babies and seen so many happy parents' faces; but now, due to my age, I have limited my practice to elective cesarean sections and gynecology cases. However, I am still happy to see obstetric patients in my office.

How I thrive

I am trying to get more physically fit and have lost weight over the last year or so. I watch my diet, have never smoked, and make sure I receive the preventive medicine I need. I have increased my physical activity and take pleasure in following my exercise program.