About Me

Welcome to my Web page, and thanks for visiting! My biggest reward and privilege in practicing medicine is in getting to know my patients personally and sharing in their life stories. I am delighted to give you this opportunity to meet me and to be able to share my story with you.


I am proud to be from the small town of Herkimer in upstate New York—Not many people can claim that distinction! My father was a family doctor there and I chose to follow in his footsteps. I chose to be a family doctor when I heard the family medicine motto: "We specialize in you!" I have never regretted my choice. I received all of my education in Rochester, New York, and came to San Diego with my wife in 1978. I was happy to escape the snows of the Northeast and come to work at Kaiser Permanente. Thanks to the loving, hard work of my wife, we have raised five wonderful children. I like to say that I have two families: my Golden family at home and my Kaiser Permanente family at work. Both bring me challenges and rewards, and both make me very proud.

About my practice

I have worked at Kaiser Permanente for more than 35 years and have always divided my time between direct care of my patients and contributing to the administration of Kaiser Permanente's services. I strive to provide my patients and all the patients of Kaiser Permanente the highest quality of care and service. I feel it is my responsibility not only to do my best, but to help Kaiser Permanente do its best. I am especially proud of my health care team at the Vandever Medical Offices– we work hard together to make our patients' lives better. Our passion is to serve!

How I thrive

I value relationships. I stay well by investing in those relationships at home and at work. I value life's stories and lessons–my patient's stories, my family stories— reading books, going to movies, and listening to public radio. All of these reward me with growth and meaning. I love to learn, and the field of medicine offers endless opportunities for learning. But probably most of all, it is humor that keeps me balanced and builds my positive attitude. And, of course, I can't forget my health. Pretty soon I will begin exercising!