About Me

I am proud to be a part of our hospitalist group at Kaiser Permanente’s Panorama City Medical Center. My job is to care for our members who are being treated in the hospital. Hopefully, you will never need to be hospitalized. However, life is unpredictable, and if you require inpatient care, it’s my goal to be there for you.


I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but spent the majority of my childhood in Portland, Oregon, where my father began a practice in gastroenterology. At age 19, I switched from a civil engineering degree to pre-med because I was looking for a career that offered a more interpersonal element. When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and close friends, surfing, and appreciating music.

About my practice

I enjoy the variety that comes with being a general physician in the hospital. If you are hospitalized at Panorama City Medical Center, it’s my objective to be your advocate. Oftentimes in the hospital, you will have many doctors (for example, a cardiologist, a surgeon, an infectious disease specialist, etc.). My role is to be the primary care provider in the hospital; a point person to coordinate and make sure that there is an overall cohesive plan of care.

How I thrive

I believe it’s important to lead a well-balanced life. When at work, I am engaged in the care of our patients. When at home, I rejuvenate myself with regular exercise, either in the gym, surfing, or otherwise. I attempt to keep a balanced diet with daily fruits and vegetables. I also attempt to make sure my relationships with my family and friends remain strong.