About Me

My parents immigrated from India and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana in the late 1960's. My siblings and I were born there. I loved growing up in such an interesting and colorful city. I graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) and Louisiana Medical School consecutively. I finally left the banks of the Mississippi River when I moved to Seattle, Washington immediately following my Internal Medicine residency at LSU in 2000. This was my first introduction to the Pacific Northwest and it's beauty. I knew I'd love to settle down in this region. My family moved to the Portland, Oregon area the year following Hurricane Katrina in 2006. I am newly re-certified as a Diplomat with the American Board of Internal Medicine, having practiced in this field for approximately 12 years. I have enjoyed my clinical practice here in Portland, Oregon at Kaiser Permanente since moving here.

About my practice

The advance of technology in the past decade and a half has really caused a forward evolution of the patient and clinician relationship. I have found that ready access via internet to medical knowledge and treatment options largely empowers my clients nowadays to form their own informed health opinions and decisions and I welcome this change of pace.

How I thrive

I stay fit by keeping active with my three young children. My husband also works for Kaiser Permanente and we make it a point to have family dinners at home together.