About Me

I began my professional career in the field of medical research and went on to become a middle school science teacher. Primary care medicine was the next step—a perfect blend of those earlier vocations. I attended UC Berkeley for my undergraduate work, Portland State University for my teaching certificate, and Oregon Health & Science University for medical school. I did an internal medicine residency at Legacy Health in Portland. Northwest Permanente’s preventive health focus is a great fit with my practice goals.

About my practice

I have practiced as a primary care physician for 15 years. My background has given me a solid foundation in caring for people with chronic disease. I strongly encourage members to take control of their health and live a healthy lifestyle. This can range from starting an exercise program to stopping smoking—or any other goals that one is working on to improve health. I thoroughly enjoy meeting a variety of people every day and working with them to improve their overall health.

How I thrive

I thrive by getting regular exercise and spending time with my family—as well as time alone. I have been a runner since high school and have completed the Portland Marathon twice. My current workout includes a variety of aerobic activities—walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, and hiking—and an occasional yoga class. I strongly believe that staying active is essential to both physical and emotional health, and some form of exercise is part of my daily life, providing stress reduction as well as physical benefits. I enjoy spending time with my husband, 3 adult children, and our dog. Since my children have grown and left the Portland area, they have provided us with lots of travel opportunities, which we continue to enjoy.