About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I embarked on a career in medicine because I felt I could have the greatest impact in helping people as a doctor.


I was born in New York, where my parents were in college. After that, we all went to Indonesia, where the rest of our family was located. We had a chance to go back to the United States during the Kennedy presidency. I consider myself blessed to have an opportunity here to make the best of my life. During the earlier portion of my career as a family physician, I stumbled into the field of geriatrics because I cared for quite a number of seniors. I’ve always felt very privileged to care for them. My family includes four members—my son, my grandmother, my wife, and me. My son is the happiest kid I’ve ever known. We’re very blessed. My grandmother—who is 98 years old—also lives with us. She is a gracious lady who’s sharp as a tack. My wife is a lovely lady who keeps us all on the straight path.

About my practice

I primarily work in the Continuing Care Department, where the focus is on providing seniors with skilled nursing care like rehabilitation, wound care, and IV management.