About Me

Hello! Over the past decade since graduating from medical school, I have been striving to become the best physician and neurologist I can be. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to diagnose and treat your condition, and I believe we have a lot to learn from each other.


I was born and raised here in San Diego. After training and working all over the country, I am grateful to be serving the community I grew up in. I was influenced to become a doctor because my mother, who I have always been very close to, became ill when I was 10 years old. At an early age, I viewed hospitals as safe havens and doctors as heroes, and I wanted to become like the role models who had helped my mom. I enjoy jogging or running as it fits in well with my lifestyle, and I can do it almost anywhere with relative ease. I love all cuisines and trying new restaurants, so the running definitely helps! I also enjoy photography and the arts in general and am glad San Diego has so much to offer now in this regard.

About my practice

I am a general neurologist, meaning I am committed to evaluating and treating members with any neurologic condition. I have additional training and expertise in movement disorders, in particular Parkinson’s disease. I am dedicated to doing the right thing for every member I meet. I very much appreciate the teamwork at Kaiser Permanente and that I can reach out to my colleagues and a large number of specialists with ease. I find the relationships between all members of the care team to be particularly harmonious here, and that this leads to more effective care for members.

How I thrive

I try not to sweat the small stuff. If I find myself doing this, I go for a run, call my friends or family, and/or engage in any activity I enjoy. I think that regular exercise is key to my well-being. I find I am so much better off if I engage in a short workout rather than none at all. I gravitate toward running because of the ease of it for me. I also enjoy yoga and cycling, though I am not nearly as good at them! One of my goals is to see more of San Diego by hiking.