About Me

I’m originally from the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area, but have loved living in Colorado for the past 14 years. I’m happily married with a two-year-old daughter and five year-old-son.

About my practice

My passion for women's health stems from a desire to help all women feel comfortable, knowledgeable and in control of their healthcare choices. I love to work with women of all experiences and circumstances. Most important to me is that my patients are empowered when questions or health concerns arise. My philosophy for care is derived directly from each patient's personal experiences and goals, evidence-based practice guidelines and the development of a mutually agreed upon plan of care. I’m comfortable with caring for women across the lifespan, from adolescence through menopause. I have significant experience in areas such as infertility and PCOS, pregnancy, family planning, abnormal pap and colposcopy and abnormal bleeding.

How I thrive

I’m energized by spending time with my family and watching my kids grow and learn. I also enjoy watching movies, reading, hiking and relaxing with friends.