About Me

I grew up in Tifton and Savannah, Georgia, and trained in Charleston, South Carolina. I wanted to be a physician since I can remember, though my best friend at age four told me that I could not be. He said girls grow up and are nurses, and men grow up and are doctors, just like girls grow up to be queens, and boys grow up to be kings. It look me a long time to understand he was wrong, and I got discouragement along the way from my physician brother who told me that women "couldn't lift their own cadavers" and "took the slot and then only worked half time after they married." So I have always worked hard to go the extra mile and never made a better decision than to practice medicine. I feel honored that patients choose to confide in me, and I work hard to earn that trust.

About my practice

I am a hospitalist, caring exclusively for hospitalized members, mostly during night shifts. I have worked in many excellent hospitals throughout my career but never in one with such an integrated system of caring for patients as Kaiser Permanente. I love the system and hope never to leave it.

How I thrive

I have two sons whom I adore, and am spending my off-duty hours renovating a new old house.