About Me

Welcome to the Downey Medical Center Neurology Department. I am happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you about my practice. It is very important that you feel comfortable with your personal physician, and I hope this page will be helpful.


I was born in the beautiful country of Taiwan. After elementary school, I came to the United States. I did my undergraduate studies at Cornell and finished my medical studies at Tulane University in New Orleans. After my residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, I decided to stay in Southern California. I feel very connected to the community here, which includes my church family, neurology colleagues, and mentors.

About my practice

Healthy living and preventive care are the best ways to stay healthy. Many neurologic diseases are explainable in the context of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, alcohol use, migraines, or aging. Sometimes depression and anxiety can contribute to neurologic symptoms including chronic pain, headaches, or numbness. While treatment of chronic pain is not in the scope of our practice, I am here to provide information from a neurologic perspective, to identify what aspect of your health requires further attention versus benign conditions. It helps me to take better care of you when there is a clear understanding of the usefulness and limitations of tests and imaging. As tools for clinicians, tests and imaging are not substitutes for detailed histories and physical exams in arriving at a neurologic diagnosis or ultimate plan of care. Above all, I am interested in facilitating your return to health.

How I thrive

I aim to make healthy choices on a daily basis. I make a conscious effort to portion control my meals and limit snacks. I also avoid late night meals and desserts. I enjoy quiet time for reflection, reading daily devotion, and living a simple life. My wife and I often take long walks and enjoy serving in the community.