About Me

I was born and raised in Honolulu. After completing my medical training on the Mainland, I moved to Maui because it reminded me of what Honolulu was like when I was growing up here. My family history reads much like a classic second generation immigrant success story. My parents emphasized education and work to me as the road to a more comfortable life and improved opportunities. I watched them succeed and I loved learning, so it was easy to listen to their guidance.

About my practice

My decision to specialize in family medicine came naturally to me. My mother was the most generous and caring person I have ever known. I watched her care for friends, family and my grandparents. I think it was just a family norm to be a caregiver. While I enjoyed all of my medical school rounds, I was instinctively drawn to family medicine. Medicine provides so many opportunities for learning. I have been fortunate to be involved in the Bariatric Surgery Program at Kaiser Permanente, dealing with obesity, a critical health issue. It has been remarkable to see patients make such a difficult decision to take control of their lives and their success is always so exciting and gratifying. I believe that the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG) is truly a leader in preventive care and an innovator when it comes to effective and efficient ways of delivering medical care. I feel that HPMG is a true ‘ohana’ (family) and my colleagues are consistently supportive and often inspirational. It’s my philosophy to offer as much medical knowledge as I’m able to, but I always encourage my patients ultimately to make their own choices when it comes to their care. I enjoy practicing preventive medicine, and often share with patients that this involves self-care and self-regard. If we’re all willing to live our lives in greater moderation, we could live more naturally, and with less medication. In my day to day work with my patients and their families, I try to listen first and foremost. I am often amazed by the fascinating personal histories and life stories I get to hear.

How I thrive

To stay fit in body and mind, I try to eat, exercise, sleep and relax regularly. I also love hula, language learning through papa olelo Hawaii, cooking, tennis, yoga, and travel. I am happiest when I can share my time and favorite activities with good friends and family.