About Me

I am a Colorado native, married with two young adult sons. I love science and working with people. This is what motivated me to become a physician and has kept me in the field for more than 20 years.

About my practice

My philosophy of providing care is that I am a consultant to my hospitalized patients. The decisions my patients make as to how to best approach their health and health care are theirs. I work to understand my patients’ goals, who they are as people and what their lives are like so that we can work as a team to best support them, their health and their health care decisions. Electronic medical records help me to see the big picture of a patient’s health, so I can make good use of our time together and answer my patient’s questions.

How I thrive

I enjoy many activities outside of medicine including reading, running, hiking, skiing and traveling. I enjoy teaching medical students and participating in groups that promote best practices in medicine. I am particularly interested in public policy in health care.