About Me

I was born and raised in Lodi, New Jersey. After high school I joined the Navy and was stationed in various locations around the world. I developed a desire to join the medical field working as a Hospital Corpsman. I retired from the Naval Reserves after 23 years of service and attended the Physician Assistant Program at Oregon Health & Science University. I have worked in the Neurosurgery Department at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Clinic since 2003.

About my practice

As a Physician Assistant in the Neurosurgery Department I encounter many individuals. Mainly I see patients with neurosurgical pathology, i.e. cervical/lumbar disc abnormalities, peripheral nerve lesions and intracranial pathology. I assist the Neuro/Spine surgeons in the operating room and care for patients in the ward and outpatient setting. The greatest part of my job is spending quality time with my patients, explaining research relevant to their issues, the pathology that may be causing their symptoms and the treatments that may help relieve them.

How I thrive

I focus on spending time with my lovely wife, two children and three grandchildren. Activities we enjoy include hiking, biking, kayaking and taking our camper on long weekends