About Me

I was born in the Washington, DC, area. Raised by a mother, she nurtured my fascination for all things biological. This and my inborn desire to repair anything I could get my hands on ultimately lead me to become a gynecological surgeon. My desire to work in a pre paid medical care environment led me to Kaiser Permanente Colorado. Once in Colorado, I met my wife, Jan, who works as a nurse practitioner for Kaiser Permanente as well. In my time off, I indulge myself with my large "Home Depot habit" and remodel anything Jan will allow me to.

About my practice

I chose Ob/Gyn for several reasons. I suppose being raised in a family of women had something to do with it, but more importantly it’s a happy and hopeful specialty with a lot of medical variety. In obstetrics, if we do our job well, we protect many of years of life including the mothers’ and baby. I get to work in the medical office, Labor and delivery, and operate. Any practice of medicine has its rewards, but Ob/Gyn has the most. There are sad times and there is loss, but for the most part this job is fun.

How I thrive

Thrive! Now that is a logo. I thrive by having a sense of humor and knowing that I make a difference.