About Me

I was born and raised in northwest Washington and practiced medicine in Spokane for over 28 years. My son is a professional golfer, and my daughter is a physical therapist.

About my practice

When I was growing up, my family physician was inspiring to me and served as a great role model. My small town upbringing made family medicine a natural choice of specialty for me. To stay current in my field, I read the online UpToDate as well as professional journals. Practicing with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group is a pleasure because of my great colleagues, great patients, and our great electronic medical record system! I find that humor puts my patients at ease and makes the experience pleasant for both of us.

How I thrive

Since I don't own a car, I commute by bicycle to work, and I also ride recreationally. I enjoy leisure reading and hiking. My motto is, “Work hard when you work, play hard when you play!"