About Me

I grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota and attended the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences. I later did a pathology residency at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services in Colorado Springs, where I was chief resident. My uncle, a pathologist in Minnesota, was a big influence on my decision to pursue a practice in pathology and has been a huge supporter. Before moving to Hawaii, I lived and worked in Colorado for nearly 20 years. My family and I saw our move here as a wonderful opportunity and the next great adventure in our lives.

About my practice

I always enjoyed studying biology, anatomy, and physiology, and because there are several physicians in my extended family, medicine seemed like a natural career choice for me. I appreciate the science of pathology as well as the clinical challenges that each day’s cases bring. I’m a fellow of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists as well as the College of American Pathologists. To stay up-to-date in my field, I read pathology and general medical journals. I also attend professional conferences, participate in continuing education programs, and confer regularly with colleagues both within and outside of my specialty. Joining the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group was a unique opportunity to both be a part of a highly regarded group that takes a very patient-focused approach to care and live in a part of the country that inspires me. At Kaiser Permanente, I found physicians from a range of specialties working together with hospital and support staff to provide the highest quality care. When I meet with patients, I strive to be relaxed and personable so that everyone involved is as comfortable as possible. I believe that this can make for a more productive relationship and outcome, and I look forward to each patient experience.

How I thrive

Working on improving my personal health and fitness is important to me. When I’m training for ultra marathon trail races, I run at least five days a week. I enjoy a variety of other outdoor activities and plan to pick up some new ocean-related hobbies, including surfing and stand-up paddleboarding.