About Me

Hello, I’m Dr. Dacula, a primary care physician with Kaiser Permanente’s Palmdale Medical Offices. I practiced medicine for 10 years in the Philippines before I came to the United States. I really appreciate the many resources available at Kaiser Permanente and its goal of providing high-caliber care to its many members. I’m proud to be affiliated with this organization and look forward to serving you.


As I mentioned, I began my medical career in the Philippines, attending Manila Central University. After graduation, I established a practice in a city of more than 20,000 people. I was the only doctor in town, and the nearest hospital was an hour away. Being a physician under these conditions prepares you for just about any medical situation you might imagine. When the opportunity arose to come to the United States and further my medical career, I took a leap of faith and ended up in the University of Kentucky’s family medicine program. There, I interned and served my residency. I also spent time in Oklahoma before journeying to the Antelope Valley and joining Kaiser Permanente in 2012.

About my practice

In family practice, we treat patients at all stages of life, beginning at birth. So I have an opportunity to get to know and assist a wide range of patients. I love listening and do my best to understand each person’s problems and concerns. I enjoy showing patients how they can help themselves by staying healthy. A good diet, plenty of exercise, and avoiding unhealthy habits goes a long way towards improving the odds of enjoying a lengthy and enjoyable life here on Earth.

How I thrive

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife and an energetic young child. I try to spend every free hour I can enjoying their company and helping them experience life here in Southern California. We try to stay healthy by eating right and exercising on a regular basis. Our family is also active in a local church.